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Agmondo - when only the best will do

The best of science based feed additives and ingredients at the best prices for you.

At Agmondo we believe every livestock farmer deserves high quality, sustainable and profitable feed additives and ingredients at affordable prices.

Agmondo gives you the opportunity to buy high quality ingredients directly. We cut out the costly middlemen and give you the the savings.

We are hand picking our partners ensuring all solutions are founded on evidence based nutritional science.

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How Agmondo works.


Find a product

Find the products suitable for you. Everything from product information, to proof of effect and the data sheets are ready for you to download directly.

Pay direct

Pay for the product directly online with your credit card or via bank transfer. Easy payment online means you don’t have to wait and the prices you get are transparent and current.

Direct delivery on-farm

We offer free delivery direct to the farm gate, so you can have what you need, when you need it, ready to use. It doesn’t get easier to buy feed additives.

What can you expect from Agmondo?

This is what we are working on for you.

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MondoNexus – Buy together, save together

A nexus is a connected series or group. MondoNexus connects a group of buyers to get the best offers on a product.

When we reach the minimum buying volume within the expected time frame you save 20% or more. If we don’t, you get your money back.

Looking for a particular product? Let us know. We are scouting spot offers as you read this.

MondoBio – towards the future

Does producing milk with low methane emissions, reducing the use of antibiotics and zinc oxide, alternative proteins or feed materials, sound like something for you? In our patented MondoBio range you will find the future.

The future of farming is sustainable, innovative and profitable for you.

Want to get on-board and be future-proof? Sign-up here to be a one of those that defines the future of farming.

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MondoPro – proven products at good prices

MondoPro is our own brand based on products that you use often.

We go after a simple proven recipes that we all know works, but at a great price. A range of trusted “go-to” products that have a proven return on investment.

Think we are missing something, let us know here and we will create it.

Sustainable farming

We offer solutions that help you produce more with less, reduce antibiotics and grow sustainably.
Farmers are the key to sustainable food production and will feed our growing population.
Agmondo selects that help improve farm sustainability

Improve your profitability

We cut out the unecessary middlemen to bring you savings of up to 20% delivered at the farm gate.
Our products on offer only come from high quality European manufacturers.
Evidence based farming. We believe that the products on offer on Agmondo have to have proven effect.

The situation today

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The Agmondo Way

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Smarter farming

We focus on ingenious solutions that solve more than one problem for you.
We are technology focused to bring the easiest solutions for your day-to-day.
We aim to offer you a broader choice of products so that you can choose the best products for your operation.

Who are we?

Agmondo is a group of business leaders driven by innovation, sustainable solutions and desire to make things better.


Our Vision and Mission

Our vision

We believe that farmers are key to the sustainable food production. By connecting them to smart feed solutions we can improve the future of farming and food production.

Our Mission

We aim to offer farmers the best online selection of profitable, smart and sustainable feed solutions delivered directly to the farm gate.


Jason Lorjé - CEO

Jason is a veterinarian who has worked many years in the animal pharmaceutical and feed additive industry.

He started Agmondo together with Jan because he wanted to improve things for the decision maker and end user - the farmer - by improving market efficiency and innovation in a new business model.


Jan Boeg Hansen - COO

Jan has a history of leadership in companies like Novozymes and Chr. Hansen where he lead sales, marketing and innovation.

Jan started Agmondo together with Jason because he wanted to innovate for farmers. To bring new products based on probiotics and other new sustainable ingredients to the market, helping improve the future of farming.


Jan Mousing - CSO

Jan is a veterinarian who has worked many years in research. He has led SEGES, the research organisation under The Danish Agriculture and Food Council and the Danish Institute for Food and Veterinary Research.

Jan is taking the lead as Chief Scientific Officer on some promising R&D development projects that improve sustainability for the farming industry, so watch this space.

Sign up and get discounts

Just by signing up we will give you a 2% discount on your first purchase on Agmondo.

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