Collaborative buying made easy

Group buying for farmers. Increase your bargaining power and savings.

We all know that the more you are able to buy at a time the better the offer you will get. Agmondo knows you are not alone in wanting great prices. Your colleagues are also looking for good offers on the same products.

Agmondo Nexus connects your need for products together with your colleagues. By pooling your needs we  can create uniquely negotiated deals for a minimum volume at rock bottom prices. That is Nexus.

Don’t see an offer you need ? Make a request and we’ll activate our network of farmers and suppliers to create an offer.

Nexus is like having your personal purchaser to negotiate the best deal for you.

  • Request an offer for a group deal

  • Combine your needs with others like you

  • We combine the total volume to solicit an offer

  • We create a Nexus group deal

Buy together - save together.
No hassle

No lock in

With Nexus you are not locked in to deal until we have solicited an offer for a minimum volume. Even then you are only locked in if we achieve the agreed sales volume for that deal.

Only pay for what you need

No annual fees or complicated discount structures. 150 kr. per customer that buys the deal, that’s it.

Get the products you want

Buy what you need from the suppliers you want. If we don’t have the product you need, request an offer and we will activate our network of suppliers to create a deal.

Frequently asked questions

These are uniquely negotiated deals that are dependent on achieving a minimum target volume. If we don’t achieve the minimum volume we can’t guarantee the quoted price.

If we do not achieve the minimum volume the deal within the specified time it is cancelled and your money is automatically returned to you without any additional costs.

You can request an offer on pretty much any type of product that is commonly used. So feed additives, speciality ingredients like milk replacers or high protein soya, chemicals for stable hygiene or even field crop chemicals.

We aren’t able to negotiate offers on products that are designed to your specific needs like feed blends or vitamin and mineral premixes – yet. We are working on it, so watch this space.

Once you create an offer, we assess if it is something we can help with – usually it is.

While we try to get things moving as quickly as possible it will take about a week or two to get enough volume collected to warrant a negotiation with suppliers. A few days to get an offer from our suppliers, a few days to run the deal and then 10 to 14 days to ship the product depending on where it is being sourced from.

So all in all, 3 to 4 weeks from the initial request until the product is on your farm.

Agmondo accepts the same payment methods as we do for our listed products – credit cards, bank transfer and Leverandørservice (Denmark only)

It depends largely on the general product demand. If it is a product that has a high demand we will negotiate with the supplier to join Agmondo and offer their products permanently on the platform. Then you will always be able to find a good offer on the site.

For products with less demand we will continue to initiate deals based on current demands.

To make sure you don’t miss out on a great offer remember to join our mailing list below

These are spot offers – the same as when you go to a supermarket that has a special offer on a particular product. These offers are based on a minimum sales volume designed to move large volumes.

At Agmondo our normal prices are low, but here we are able to specifically negotiate volume base deals giving us more bargaining power than normal.

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