Aflorin® PL – Combatting respiratory distress

Respiratory problems in our livestock often result in reduced appetite, feed intake and production. Selected aromatic plant extract support respiratory conditions and improve overall animal performance. This well suited nutraceutical helps alleviate respiratory distress in pigs and poultry and is easily added to the drinking water.

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The ultimate aid to reduce respiratory stress

Respiratory diseases

Several common and important diseases can affect the respiratory system (air passages, lungs, air sacs) of poultry. Diseases of the respiratory tract account for a significant percentage of the overall disease incidence in livestock. Often, a respiratory disease observed in a flock will be part of a multi systemic disease whereby the total impact is defined by a variety of pathogens, environmental factors and the immune status of the animal. Modern intensive poultry production is susceptible to high economic losses from disease outbreaks due to the high concentration and genetic uniformity of animals present. Newcastle disease, salmonellosis, and avian influenza are three poultry diseases of high economic and/or human safety concern.

Aflorin P L benefits:
Aflorin PL consists of menthol, eucalyptus and plant sterols.

Thanks to these ingredients Aflorin PL offers a wide range of benefits to the animal:

  • Improves respiration and air passage
  • Reduces mucus accumulation and improves discharge from the respiratory cavities
  • Reduces the negative effects of diseases and improves quick recovery
  • Reduces stress and loss of valuable feed intake
  • Improves resistance to all respiratory infections
  • Reduces the negative effects and stress of live vaccinations
  • Improves survivability and reduces mortality
Package sizes:
1 liter, 25 liter
Inclusion level:
Broiler (ml/kg BW) Broilers starter : 0,12, Broilers grower/finisher : 0,03
Layer – Breeder (ml/kg BW) Pullet (1-14 weeks) : 0,12, Pre-Lay (14-18 weeks) : 0,03 Layer (>18 weeks) : 0,03
Turkey (ml/kg BW) Week 1-4 : 0,12 >4 weeks : 0,03
Pig (ml/kg BW) < 6 weeks after weaning : 0,12; > 6 weeks after weaning : 0,03 Sow (ml/kg BW) : 0,03
Via drinking water: 200 ml/1000 l H20. Via batch treatment or dosing system. (Min. 1000 liters of water with Aflorin® P L should be given per 20.000 birds and per day, ideally twice per day, during 3 days).

By spraying: 200 ml/10 l H20 per 20.000 birds, twice per week or if needed. Use fine nozzle. Innovad® recommends to withdraw Aflorin® P L 1 day prior to 2 days post live vaccination. Do not mix with vaccine.
Powerful aromatic plant extracts, Yucca schidigera, solvents, carrier.
HACCP required:
Shelf life:
2 years when stored in a cool and dry environment out of direct sunlight in unopened packing.
Technical features:
Complementary feed – Nutraceutical solution. Liquid supplement for temporary use in drinking water.
Physical appearance : liquid
Colour: yellowish transparent
Flavour/Odour : aromatic
Density : 0,97 – 1,07 kg/l
Solubility in water : 100%
Moisture (KF) : max. 40%
Colour change or variation does not affect performance.
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