TasteMaster® – Improving piglet feed intake

Piglets from highly prolific sows where inadequate milk availability is a key issue need a great start. TasteMaster helps deliver that start.  It is designed to enhance the feed intake of pre-weaned animals and battle key challenges of their development.
Cost of inclusion is less than 1,50 kr. per piglet.

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Package size:
25 kg bags

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Feed intake when needed most

For the optimal development of piglets

Weaning is commonly the most stressful period that young animals  face during their development. The problem derives mainly from the current intensive practices in the industry where the mothers  are unable to satisfy the nutritional needs of the newborn animals. To improve the feeding behavior, creep feed may be offered to habituate the animals to future feed and improve both their short-term and long-term performance.

TasteMaster is a specialized proprietary formulation of functional ingredients enriched with Glutamate, Arginine and other important amino acids. It is designed to enhance the feed intake of pre-weaned animals and battle key challenges of their development.

TasteMaster is made up of minerals and flavouring substances and contains hydrolysed fermentation products as source of highly digestible proteins, peptides and glutamic acid, in combination with substances producing an attractive flavour and long lasting aroma. Short and medium chain fatty acids provide specific energy to improve gut health. Complementary to fatty acids, essential oils and plant extracts support the natural symbiosis between host and microflora under stressfull conditions.

TasteMaster benefits:

  • – Higher creep feed intake gives:
      • fewer animals without feed intake before weaning
      • higher feed intake immediately after weaning
      • less diarrhoea after weaning
  • – Feed adaptation stronger & earlier
  • – Accelerated maturation of the young gut
  • – Reduction of early weaning problems (poor growth, mortality)
  • – Great performance with highly prolific sows (Danbred breed) where inadequate milk availability is a key issue
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Package sizes:
25 kg bags
Inclusion level:
Piglets: 10-25 kg/T of feed
Pigs: 5 - 10 kg/T of feed
Sows: 5 - 10 kg/T of feed
Add directly to feed
ydrolysed fermentation products, natural and nature-identical flavouring substances, sodium bicarbonate, butyric acid salts, propionic acid, sorbic acid, glycerol, medium chain fatty acids (capric, caprylic, lauric acid), essential oils, plant extracts, natural plant gum, carriers and anticaking agents.
HACCP required:
Shelf life:
24 months when stored in a cool, well ventilated and dry environment out of direct sunlight in unopened packing.
Technical features:
Physical appearance : free flowing powder
Colour : off-white to beige
Flavour/Odour : typical fermented odour
Specific gravity : 0,64 - 0,74 kg/l
pH (10%) : 9 - 10
Moisture (KF) : max 9,5 %
Crude protein : 44,5 %
Crude fat : 0,8 %
Crude ash : 30,2 %
Crude fiber : 1,3 %
Sodium : 2,5 %
NE piglets : 2195 kcal/kg
Colour change or variation does not affect performance.
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