ProSid™ Toxin Binder – Premium mycotoxin binder

Mycotoxins pose a real threat to the health and welfare of our livestock, where just 1 ppm of DON can reduce feed intake and feed conversion by 10 – 20 %. Neutralise that threat with ProSid™ Toxin Binder, a premium toxin binder that contains active ingredients to combat mycotoxins.

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Bound to make a difference

Mycotoxins are secondary metabolites of moulds that can have a detrimental effect on animal and human health. Common mycotoxins are aflatoxin, deoxynivalenol (DON) and zearalenone (ZEA). Young pigs are very sensitive to ingestion of DON, and dietary concentrations of 1 ppm result in a 10-20% reduction of feed consumption and feed conversion. Poultry exposed to aflatoxin in layer meal show the same detrimental effects on animal performance and physiology.

The best way to avoid this problem is to prevent the growth of moulds that secrete mycotoxins in feed by using mould inhibitors. However, a mycotoxin binder is often used as a complementary anti-mould measure, especially as a product that binds mycotoxins produced by fungi in fields. ProSid™ mycotoxin binders (ProSid™ TB), which are based on different mycotoxin-binding components, provide the following benefits by:

  • – Adsorbing mycotoxins
  • – Providing a broad spectrum of activity
  • – Helping animals to maintain a high level of resistance

Mode of action

The toxin binders of our ProSid™ products adsorb different types of mycotoxins. Binding takes place by an exchange of ions on the binder for mycotoxins in the feed. The bound mycotoxins are then excreted along with the binder in animal faeces. ProSid™ mycotoxin binders also protect the microvilli in the gastrointestinal tract against the damaging effects of mycotoxins. A schematic diagram of the binding action is given below.

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Package sizes:
25 kg bags
Inclusion level:
General 0,5 - 3 kg/t of feed Severe contaminations Min. 3 kg/t of feed
Add directly to the feed
Clay minerals
Legume seed derived products
Calcium propionate
HACCP required:
Shelf life:
Stable for at least 12 months after production date, stored in a dark and cool warehouse.
Technical features:
Brown free flowing powder
Excellent binder
Good free flowing characteristics
Low dosage rates
Good distribution in feed
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