ProPhorce™ Exclusive – Premium drinking water blend

When you want a total solution for drinking water acidification, ProPhorce™ Exclusive is the solution for you. The balanced organic acids, partially esterified in combination with specifically selected phytochemicals results in an improvement of gut health and performance.

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Want to boost Gut health?

Experience the power of ProPhorce™ Exclusive NC, the most economical solution for water. The combined effect of selected organic acids, partly esterified and the inclusion of essential oils has been proven in the field for many years. It is safe, effective and easy to use, thus the compromise between safety and efficacy is minimized. The addition of monobutyrins in the product improve animal performance even more compared to less complex products. It is imperative to carefully and thoroughly manage the water regime to ensure that animals can get to perform at their maximum potential. The inclusion of ProPhorce™ Excusive NC may also reduce the impact of biofilm formation and positively affect the animal production system.

Benefits of ProPhorce Exclusive

Using ProPhorce™ Exclusive helps animals reduce their stomach pH and kill harmful bacteria. The esters of butyric and propionic acid improve intestinal health. ProPhorce™ Exclusive affects performance in a number of ways:

  •  Reduction of bacterial threats
  • pH-reduction of drinking water
  • Stimulation of endogenous enzymes
  • Better digestibility of nutrients
  • Improvement of gut health
Package sizes:
200 kg drums, 1.000 kg IBC
Inclusion level:
1 kg / 1.000L of drinking water
Add directly to the drinking water
Lactic acid
Formic acid
Salts of formic acid
Propionic acid
Glycerol esters of propionic acid
Mono-and diglycerides of butyric acid
Essential oils
HACCP required:
Shelf life:
24 months from production date
Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight
Technical features:
Complementary feed
GMO free
Easy to use

Nutrient Value:
ME: 10,24 MJ/Kg
Sodium: 4,2 %
Copper: 2500 mg/kg
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