Novion® SL – Water hygiene & intestinal support

Novion® S L has a three way action farm application by supporting enteric development,  water sanitation and bacterial control and helps a better balanced microflora in the gut. It prevent drinking water contamination and supports the digestive tract.

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Prevent drinking water contamination and support the digestive tract

Three way Action

Novion® S L is a three way action farm application with the following features:

  1. Enteric development
  2. Water sanitation and antibacterial
  3. Change of microflora community in the gut for a better balanced flora

Novion S L benefits:

  • Control of disease challenge (bacteria and viruses)
  • Low inclusion level
  • Strong pH reduction and sanitation of the water
  • Effective antibacterial barrier at stomach level
  • Supply of highly available energy source to build and maintain intestinal integrity
  • Well tested effective botanical components and fatty acids to enlarge the antibacterial scope over the entire digestive tract
  • Avoids biofilm deposition
  • Enhances palatability and feed safety of liquid feed for farm animals
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Can be applied to drinking water or to feed, Add directly to the drinking water


Propionic acid, formic acid, lactic acid, butyric acid, flavouring substance, medium chain fatty acids, essential oils, propylene glycol.

HACCP required


Inclusion level

Indicative dosage and Application
0,3 – 0,5 ml/L of drinking water. Max. concentration of 1,5 ml/l of drinking water and pH of min. 4.
Application in feed: 2 – 5 kg/T.
For species specific dosages see the product data sheet.

Package size


Product form


Shelf life

Technical features

Complementary feed
Physical appearance: brown to dark brown liquid
Density : 1,14 – 1,24 kg/l
pH (10%) : 2,5 – 3,5
Colour change or variation does not affect performance.

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