MondoGrain® – Grain preserving acid blend

MondoGrain is a combination of organic acids designed to preserve your grain and has high levels of propionic acid. A blend that is well suited for conserving all types of grain against molds and yeasts.

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Grain preservation made easy

MondoGrain is a combination of organic acids designed to preserve your grain. A blend that is well suited for all types of grain.

The blend contains high levels of ammonium buffered propionic acid along with high levels of sodium buffered formic acid are suited to lower the pH in the grain and are suitable to keep yeasts, mold and bacteria under control. This protects the feed from spoilage by molds and yeasts, as well as protects it from contamination and heating by unwanted bacteria.

Keeping molds under control will help prevent the formation of mycotoxins while the grain is in storage and reduce the incidence of disease due to mycotoxins in your herd.

The formulation of MondoGrain means that the product is safer to use and does not require special handling (non-ADR). It also means that it does not damage farm equipment.

The sorbic acid helps to potentiate and broaden the effects of the other ingredients. Research shows that combinations of acids have a greater effect than the single acids themselves.

Package sizes:
25 kg canister, 200 kg drum, 1.000 kg IBC
Inclusion level:
Feed: 2 - 10 kg/T
Aplly directly to feed
46,8% Ammonium buffered propionic acid
16,0% Sodium buffered formic acid
2,00% Sorbic acid (as potassium sorbate)
1,00% Carrier
34,2% Water
64,8% Total acids
HACCP required:
Shelf life:
2 years when stored in a cool and dry environment out of direct sunlight in unopened packing.
Technical features:
Complementary feed.
Physical appearance : liquid
Colour : transparent – light yellow
Density : 1,06 - 1,16 kg/l
pH (10%) : 3,7 – 4,7
Moisture (KF) : max 33,5 %
Colour change or variation does not affect performance.
Material safety data sheet:
Product data sheet:
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