Daafit Plus – effect against gram positive

This product is a blend of short chain fatty acids and medium chain fatty acids and as such has an effect against gram negative and gram positive bacteria like strepto – and staphylococci. As such it provides a wide spectrum of antibacterial effect in feed and the upper digestive system in animals.

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This product is aiming to provide a strengthen barrier for the animals from exogenous pathogenic bacteria, especially for younger animals. The antibacterial effect of organic acids has been well researched. Short chain fatty acids are active against gram negative bacteria through acidification and its inhibition property of bacteria replication. Medium chain fatty acids are active against gram postive bacteria through the disruption of cell membrane. It has been shown that some medium chain fatty acids can react on microbiota modification through receptors in the epithelial cells. This product is mainly active in the feed and at the upper digestive system.

Daafit Plus has the following key benefits:

  • Contains lauric acid, benzoic acid and glycerol monolaurate
  • Supports control of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria
  • Supports reducing bacterial force of infection, making antibiotic reduction possible
Package sizes:
20 kg bag, 1.000 kg pallet @ 50 x 20 kg bags
Inclusion level:
Broiler: 2- 3 kg/ ton
Layer: 1-2 kg/ ton
Sow 1-3 kg/ ton
Piglet < 12 kg: 3-5 kg/ ton
Grower/ Finisher: 1-3 kg/ ton

Add directly to feed


The main components of the product are lauric acid, capric acid, caprylic acid, GML, formic acid, propionic acid, acetic acid and ammonium formate

HACCP required:
Shelf life:
2 years from date of manufacture

In dry and normal temperature between minimum 10°C and maximum 30°C. No contact with moisture is recommended.

Technical features:
White powder
GMP+ approved
Easy to handle
Material safety data sheet:
Product data sheet:

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