AJ X30 – Optimize stomach function

AJ X30 is made from natural raw materials and is for pig producing herds to improve growth, lower feed consumption, reduce animal variation and drug consumption by maintaining the stomach lining and optimizing it’s function.

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Package size:
Pallet 1.000 kg @ 2 x 500 kg big bags

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Gastric ulcer & AJ X30

The occurrence of stomach ulcers in pigs is very common – it is often a “hidden” problem, which is often only confirmed at slaughter.

Gastric ulcers typically occur when the lining of the stomach is broken down or damaged. AJ X30 is designed to maintain the lining of the stomach.

Positive effects when using AJ X30

  • Prevents the breakdown of the lining of the stomach
  • Increases growth
  • Reduces weight loss
  • Increases the meat percentage
  • Targeted stabilization of intestinal flora
  • Lowers feed conversion rate
  • Reduces medication consumption
  • Better harmony in the pen, less noise, fewer bites and ear nibbling
  • Binding of ammonia in the stomach
  • Reduces the presence of harmful bacteria in the stomach
  • Increases nitrogen content in fertilizers

AJ X30 Results
Experiments from 30 – 60 kg. – 24 control groups vs. 3 AJ X30 hold.

AJ X30  - Optimize stomach function 2

AJ X30 has shown a significant difference in feed consumption as well as a positive effect on:

Meat percentage
Medication consumption

Package size


Mix the feed with 1% of the dry matter. Can be added in the mixer or directly in the wet feed tank.


Rapeseed straw

HACCP required


Inclusion level

1% of dry matter

Shelf life

Technical features

Analytical components
2% Crude protein
43% Crude ash
20% Crude fibre
3% Crude fat

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