AJ-Raps Dry – Stable hygiene product

AJ-Raps Dry® is a stable hygiene product composed of specially selected raw materials with a high proportion of rapeseed straw. With a drying effect it also functions as bedding and is effective against the most frequent bacteria and fungal spores.

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AJ-Raps Dry® is a dry stable hygiene product for pigs, poultry and dairy.

For pigs
This product is particularly useful in farrowing pens where there are problems with diarrhoea just after farrowing. Spread abundantly in the creep area and on the floor before farrowing. It is important to remove all damp material regularly and supplement with more AJ-Raps Dry® to keep the pen dry. The product may later be supplemented / replaced with AJ-Strømel. Minimises umbilical hernia and joint inflammation. A dry farrowing pen provides 90% of the basis for success.

AJ-Raps Dry® in the weaning area helps the piglet through the challenge of diarrhoea during its first week. The product has a drying effect and, due to its structure, gives the piglet’s stomach something to work with. Possibly supplement with AJ Kross Coarse after approximately five days. If problems with diarrhoea persist at the age of three weeks, supplement again with AJ-Raps Dry®. It is very important to continue removing all damp materials regularly and supplement with more AJ-Raps Dry® to keep the pen dry at all times.

For cows
AJ-Raps Dry® also has a unique effect in cubicles for cows. Highly absorbent, remains where it is applied. Spread 50 g per m2 approximately twice a week.

For poultry
AJ-Raps Dry® is also used on the floor in poultry production before spreading AJ Kross Grov. Spread 50 g per m2.

AJ-Raps Dry® offers the following benefits

  • Unique absorption qualities result in a dry environment
  • Long-lasting and easy to handle
  • Cleaner animals
  • Homogeneous
  • Better health
  • Binds the smell of ammonia
  • Reduces the number of flies
Package sizes:
15 kg bags, Pallet 975 kg @ 65 x 15 kg
Inclusion level:
50 g / m2
Spread 50 g / m2 throughout the area you would like to treat.
Rapeseed straw
HACCP required:
Shelf life:
18 months from date of manufacture
Store in a cool and dry place
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