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Rethink your supplement strategy

Precision automated nutrition accurately provides feed supplements - via water supply or liquid feed.

Introducing automated precision nutrition

Precision liquid supplementation of livestock through water or liquid feeding system.

Easy advanced precision automated nutrition 2
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An obvious match

The OPIS controller is the first precison liquid dosing system of it’s kind in the world. Developed by TERRA NutriTECH – global leaders in precision liquid delivery systems.

With innovation at the heart of Agmondo and TERRA NutriTECH who both strive to bring their customers the best quality products close collaboration was an obvious match.

Agmondo’s expertise in sourcing liquid supplements at the best prices from suppliers matches TERRA NutriTECH’s ability to deliver these products to our customers livestock in the easiest, most accurate way possible.

Benefits of precision nutrition

Smart Monitors helps farms become more profitable through better animal health using innovative technology

Earn more

Reduce costs, increase earnings

Additives cost less
Eliminates work
Reduces waste

Healthier animals

Healthy animals

Improves health
Target specific problems
Water usage monitoring

Get more done

Reduces labour

Automated 24/7 system
Less work, less worry
Focus on value adding tasks

Smart automation


Usage reports
Remote monitoring
Automatic reordering


Data and analytics

Early warning alarms
Full reporting functionality
Actionable data

Guaranteed satisfaction

Guaranteed satisfaction

98% customer retention
Test the system for 3 months


Fully customised

Up to 6 tailored blends
Modular system
2-6 pumps per module

Easy to install

Easy to install

Install in less than 3 hours
Step 1

Farm needs assesment

Assessment of herd health and feed based on veterinarian
and nutritionist input. Profiling of macro- and micronutrients
in the animal and feed.
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Step 2

Analysis & formulation

Based on analysis of results a
formulation that ensures maximum health
and production is formulated
eliminating any deficiencies.
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Step 3


Customised blends are manufactured at
Terra NutriTECH's state of the art manufacturing facility.
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Step 4

Implementation and follow-up

The new precision automated nutrition program is implemented.
After 3 months a follow up visit is made assess results or adjustment.
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SFA National Small Business Awards 2020
Alltech One19 2019
Pearse Lyons Accelerator
Local Enterprise Office National Enterprise Awards 2018
Overall Winner
Google Adopt A Startup programme 2018
"Affordable, Convenient And Professional"
Kevin Moran discusses TERRA NutriTECH has helped him save money
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"I Wouldn't Be Without The System"
Aidan Martin says he would not be without TERRA NutriTECH controller
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