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Farmers buying farm inputs online has more than doubled in a year.

The corona pandemic has rapidly changed the way farmers do business.

A recent report by McKinsey showed that the number of European farmers deciding on suppliers and receiving proposals directly online increased by 70-80% since the start of the pandemic. Farmers buying their farm inputs online have boosted by a massive 109%.

So if you were ever considering selling to farmers online now is the time and it doesn’t get any easier to join the digital boom than by joining Agmondo.

The effect of COVID-19 on farmers online buying habits

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Be where your customers are,
when they need you

Farmers are shopping at all times of the day – and more likely during your office hours. Whether they are in the stable and remember they need to order or sitting at a desk after the days work.

Digital is always on and with Agmondo so are you.

Why should you join Agmondo?

Get your own webshop

Sell directly to farmers online through your own branded webshop

Fully managed

No worries about hosting, security, maintenance or even learning what SEO means.

Low cost

You can get started for low costs, we have plans to suit every pocket and ambition level.

Network effects

Network effects bring new customers and increase brand awareness

Strategic digital marketing

Take advantage of Agmondo's direct digital marketing to farmers

Focus on business

With Agmondo as your digital sales channel you can focus on what you're best at.

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