Our story

Operating with ever changing societal demands and global markets means that you, as a modern farmer, need to be laser focused on managing costs and optimizing production to remain profitable.

We support you by procuring the solutions you need, directly from the source, and delivering the savings to you via our marketplace. Using our veterinary, nutrition and market knowledge we also find the best solutions of tomorrow and have the skills to help you implement them in your operation.

This is our story – yours and ours – together.

What do we care about?

Farming smarter

The solutions we bring to you need to solve more than one problem for you. We aim to harness technology to make your day-to-day easier.


Farmers are key to sustainable food production. We provide solutions that help you produce more with less and grow sustainably.


We cut out the unecessary middlemen to reduce your costs and bring you high quality, farm proven, solutions to your farm directly from the source.

The future is liquid

Imagine being able to adapt to real time performance issues in the stable from one moment to the next. Imagine having the ability to flexibly dose vitamins, minerals, amino acids, medicines or other supplements at the touch of a button. With liquid based supplementation solutions from us – you can. Find out more here

The future is clean

Optimizing animal performance is as much about keeping out harmful elements. Virus, bacteria, molds and mycotoxins all pose serious threats to livestock performance. From feed hygiene to stable and equipment hygiene, we have solutions that will fit your operation. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help.

The future is easier

Today you can negotiate your price and order directly online in the Agmondo marketplace. Tomorrow we will be able to monitor your product use and automatically refill without you needing to think about it. Agmondo is focused on helping you focus on the big picture.

Who are we?

Agmondo is a group of business leaders driven by innovation,
sustainable solutions and desire to make things better.

Our story 1

Jason Lorjé

Director and board member

Our story 2

Lars Brendstrup

Sales Manager

Our story 3

Stefan van den Berg

Technical Manager

Our story 4

Jan Boeg Hansen

Chairman and Partner

Our story 5

Jan Mousing

Partner and Board Member

Our story 6

Lars Hermansen

Partner and Board Member

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