Infographic: The quick guide to organic acids in agriculture

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Organic acids are probably some of the most extensively used feed additives in modern animal husbandry. Their antimicrobial and pH lowering effects allow for range of applications from antibiotic replacement, improved feed utilization to feed hygiene and silage preservation. Many find that understanding how they work and when to use which acid seems complicated.

Finding the right organic acids for your farm operation doesn’t need to be complicated. We have tried demonstrate this in a range of recent articles. From helping you to get grips with pH and pKa explained by a cup of coffee, demonstrating the importance of acid binding capacity, helping you understand each organic acids benefits and rounding off with a 4 step guide to helping you pick the right products for your operation.

While we trust you have found each of these articles useful, we also know that sometimes you need the short story, a quick reference to be used as a refresher. That is why we have created this handy infographic below.

Infographic: The quick guide to organic acids in agriculture 1

About the author

Jason Lorjé

Jason Lorjé

Jason is CEO and founder of Agmondo and a veterinarian who has worked many years in the animal pharmaceutical and feed additive industry.

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