Infographic: Managing post weaning diarrhea

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Post weaning diarrhea is a problem in many swine herds and in the not too distant future one of the mainstays in modern European pig production to manage this problem – will no longer be an option. Legislative restrictions on the use of zinc oxide for managing post-weaning diarrhea are expected to be imposed by 2022.

Recent evidence shows that a lot of problems can be avoided if pre-weaning feed and water intakes are maintained. Did you know that fluid intake in piglets around weaning can fall from 800 ml / day to just a 200 ml / day? Also feed intake drops significantly around weaning and research is showing that feed interventions prior to weaning have a significant effect on post weaning diarrhea outcomes, both with regards to frequency and severity.

Researchers are seeing the pre-weaning/suckling period as a key element to raising pigs without the use of zinc oxide or even for antibiotic-free (ABF) production to be a reality..

Below is an infographic that quickly gives you an overview of the cause and effect of poor pre-weaning feed and water intake and what you need to focus on in your operation to get the best results.

At Agmondo we will gladly help you with advice on how to manage pre-weaning nutrition and what products can help you to increase feed and water intake as well as maintain gut health and integrity. So feel free to use our chat bot below to reach out to us.

About the author

Jason Lorjé

Jason Lorjé

Jason is CEO and founder of Agmondo and a veterinarian who has worked many years in the animal pharmaceutical and feed additive industry.

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